company writing on water is a collective of independent artists. The structure of the company is fluid; artists come together to create performances within a broad area that includes theatre, movement, music and visual art, ranging from Shakespeare to devised creations with masks and marionettes.


Projects are initiated and directed by Kenneth George, Berlin-based theatre director, actor and writer from Bombay, India.


We do not have a style. We adhere to no fixed definitions or prescribed forms; rather we take for ourselves the freedom to use any or all forms available to us within the palette of our skills that best serve to tell the story we want to tell. Kenneth George sees himself first and foremost as a story-teller and company writing on water as a vehicle for story-telling.


We engage with the world, with our actual socio-political and economic reality, through conscious ethical choices. These ethical choices inform our artistic vision and influence our choice of stories. Aesthetic serves ethic. Form serves content. We believe that conscience and content must come before form and technique.


We are acutely aware that we do not exist without the active and conscious presence of the spectator. The company does not function in a vacuum; we create for the audience. All that we make and do is an acknowledgement of, and an offering to, the spectator.


Our stories occur in the encounter between performer and spectator, here and now. Our stories are written on water. Perhaps there will be ripples. For us, there is only the moment.