Kyo Shu | Briefe nach Hause | Thinking about home

Directed by: Kenneth George

Performer: Noriko Seki

Music: Matthias Peter

Set: Heide Schollähn

Costume: Heather MacCrimmon

Lights: Henning Günther, Ulrike Pahl


With the friendly support of

Landeshauptstadt Potsdam


We gratefully acknowledge the support of:

T-Werk, Potsdam;  Sebastian Bauersfeld;  Nelson Leon and Daisy Watkiss;  Sayako Rain Seki;  Nicola Streifler;  Suse Weise;  Charlotte Müller;  Ruth Konout


Photos: Stefan Gloede


Premiere: 22.09.2017, T-Werk, Potsdam



Duration: 60 minutes


Movement-theatre with masks and music


“Do I need a “home”/“homeland”, to live a full life?”

“What keeps me alive?”

Through a journey through diverse episodes in her life, Noriko Seki meditates on these questions in the solo performance Kyo Shu.


The fundamental inspiration for this investigation was a reading of C.P.Estés’ book, “The Dancing Grandmothers”. With musical improvisations and provocations, Matthias Peters accompanies the performer’s journey through memory, loss, desire, hope, and wonder. There are no answers; however spaces are opened up for the audience for associations, images, and sensations.



“ George's direction gives us fleeting, associative images … that are very moving, reduced to essentials … a production that resembles a wood-carving …”

“Matthias Peter also displays much empathy and improvisatory skills as he accompanies Noriko Seki’s journey through her past and present musically; and together with her intense performance creates an exceptionally dense atmosphere.”

Astrid Priebs-Tröger, PNN 25.09.2017


“Surprises are often found along the margins, just like in real life: Noriko Seki “wrote” letters home in T-Werk, Potsdam, and through the performance discovered facets of her self … an intimate and very poetic evening of biographical theatre.”


Annual Review 2017, PNN: 30.12.2017 - Astrid Priebs-Tröger