company writing on water would like very much to get to know other practising artists to train together, to exchange skills and techniques, learn from one another, and eventually collaborate on new work.


We do not audition performers; we believe rather that the existence of a director does not necessarily lead to a hierarchy of leader and follower, or employer and employee. We also believe that the performer has as much of a right to "check out" the director, as directors normally "check out" auditioning performers.


With the above in mind, we practice open training. We welcome every one who is interested – all genders, all nationalities, all languages, all performative genres – to come and train with us. These sessions will introduce newcomers to our methods and work-ethics, and we can get to know what each individual wants and gives.


The open training is broadly divided into physical training, led by our choreographer and movement trainer Juliane Naegele; and improvisations led by the director Kenneth George. 


Mutual affinities and common passions will be the automatic filter that influences who keeps coming back, who visits occasionally, and who discovers it's not for them.


We believe that this is how we will build our ensemble – based on need and genuine interest in the work. 


If you've seen our work, if our projects excite you, if you'd like to come by and find out what we're all about before you decide for or against, write to us using the formula in the right-hand column, and we'll definitely get back in touch with you with our training schedule as well as with answers to questions you may have.


We look forward to seeing you.


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