Youtopia Concerts I
Dario Miranda and Guests


Leo Auri (Australia) | Piano
Rodrigo Bauza (Argentina) | Violin

Dario Miranda (Italy) | Contrabass

Jonathan Reiter (Germany) | Drums


"The meeting with Leo Auri was fundamental to the birth of this quartet. Thanks to his enthusiasm and availability, it was possible to involve two other musicians who are as exceptional as he is: Rodrigo Bauza on the violin and Jonathan Reiter on drums. The repertory is based on original music, which are no more than themes that function as a pretext for improvisation, amplification and at times for transforming the fixed thematic material to make it come alive in new, fresh ways. There is also a theme taken from the play Moths | Motten, rearranged for this quartet. I like the idea that the music for the inaugural concert of the Youtopia Festival contains little elements that the audience could then recognise during the performances in the Festival."

Dario Miranda | Compositions & Contrabass | Composer & Music Director: Moths | Motten